About Us

Church St. Coffee Co. was founded in 2015 by Denis Toomey, who learned to make cold brew coffee and shared it with friends, co-workers and athletes from local CrossFit gyms. Popularity grew with his flavored and all black batches and he quickly learned there was a strong demand for his cold brew, and decided that it was time to take a leap of faith into the coffee business.  

Denis is from Costa Rica and he was introduced to coffee at a young age and fell in love with it. He became extremely interested in different flavors and methods in which the coffee is brewed.

The name itself came from the street that he had grown up on most of his life.  Church St. is located in the heart of Edgartown right off of Main St., by the old Whaling Church, on Martha's Vineyard.  

With Denis's passion and love for his home country, he knew Costa Rican coffee would have the best ingredients for his cold brew. Denis has ties with a small "finca" (farm) in Costa Rica, which manufactures top quality coffee beans, which are rich in antioxidants. This finca has been producing coffee for three generations and are deeply committed to selling only to small vendors. After numerous months of tasting and testing, Denis finally got his cold brew to have a vibrant and smooth but lightly sweet taste. 

As business began booming, Denis needed to get his hands on coffee from other parts of the world.  Through networking, he met Patrick Maloney, owner of Blue Fire Coffee Roasters.  Through the team at Blue Fire, Denis has been learning much more about coffee than he ever imagined.  Due to their partnership, Denis is able to get his hands on fresh roasted coffee, from Blue Fire for his specialty coffee bags.  

With much love and support from the community, he hopes to expand, and one day begin roasting his own coffee.  He is a huge supporter of small and local businesses and hopes to educate followers on the importance of this school of thought!