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We surely love to travel and set up pop-ups!   Here are some of our guidelines to booking us for an event!!

Want to book us for an event?  Please contact us well before your event.  This helps us get the coffee we need to prepare and the materials to provide the highest level of service.  A month or more is great!  2 weeks is pushing it but we can do our best to see if we can accommodate.  Anything short of that, is worth giving a go but we can't promise a yes!

Next step is we will shoot you a call, or email (which ever is easiest for you) with an estimate.  If you like what you see, we book the event, you sit back, kick your feet up and we will do the rest!  

*Cancelation:  PLEASE do not cancel on us a week before the event, even though things do we happen we totally get it if it's an emergency,  if NOT! it's just the courteous thing to do.  


There is nothing more fun than being a vendor at any event!  Coffee seems to be an amazing ice breaker and we love to meet new people!  We have an arsenal of different coffees, whether it's nitro on tap, hot coffee or cold brew, we provide a fun and a very engaging experience.  

Here are some guidelines to follow!  Please read carefully.

  • We love visiting, traveling, seeing old friends and making new ones.  However we do have a new booth set up policy.  We ask that if you are interested in having us set up a booth, that there has to be 100+ athletes signed up (minimum).  We understand sometimes it's hard to get that many people registered for an event but just like your time, our time is valuable.  If we aren't at a comp, we are making deliveries, brewing, roasting, marketing or spending time with our families.  
  • Podium Prizes: If you have a ton of divisions competing it makes it hard for us to give out too much free product.  We usually accommodate to first place winners receiving actual product and the rest of the podiums can get coupons.  If for some reason that isn't enough, we can discuss discounted pricing on products that can be purchased to fulfill the desired amount of prizes at an event.  We are a small business and there is only so much we can give away for free.
  • Shout outs on social media and on the mic go a long way for us!  If we are a vendor/sponsor at your event please try to get folks to support our small local business.  We do hours of prep for your events, and try not to throw too much product away when we get back to the shop (Since we only serve and deliver the freshest products possible).  Shout outs even days prior and during the event do really help!
  • Tastings!  We no longer do tastings at night.  We also do not do the CrossFit Opens at night either.  Since we learned that people don't like drinking coffee before bed haha!!!  We get it, people want to try something before deciding whether or not they want to carry something at their store or gym.  Serious inquiries ONLY PLEASE!!!  We are not a brand that visits places as a form of entertainment.  Also there is a 1 case of concentrate or 2 cases of single serve minimum purchase when scheduling a tasting.  We wish we were backed up by corporate and have unlimited funding to do free tastings, but sadly thats not that case here.  The purchase covers our time and materials for the tasting.  

If you are a year round customer (Whole Sale Pricing) you get a bit more wiggle room.  We give priority to those who support us year round.  Meaning if an event doesn't reach the numbers we ask, we can always work something out.  All depending on scheduling!  

We hope to see you soon!!  Thank you for taking the time to read this, we know it's a bit wordy but we didn't want to miss anything here!


Owner & Founder

Denis Toomey 

Church St. Coffee Co.